Where To Go On A First Date

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    First dates are about figuring out if the person you are meeting is a sensible human being good enough to be a potential life partner or an absolute psycho. Go for a simpler and cheaper date so that if it doesn’t go well, it won’t be a big hit to your wallet.  Besides, you can always plan for a longer or fancier second date if you end up liking each other (i.e., hiking, movie, picnic, dinner at a fancy restaurant, a day trip somewhere nice, etc.)


    Here are some of the places we recommend for a quick and low-cost first date:

    Where to go on a first dateCoffee Shop  —  Meet for a quiet coffee in a comfy, trendy or elegant place (definitely not a Starbucks).  Choose a cafe that offers spectacular coffee and tea as well as food, just in case you decide to stay much longer than you had intended. You can probably drown yourself in whatever beverage you order and it still won’t cost you a lot of money.

    Where to go on a first dateBookstore — On the off chance that you and your date appreciate perusing and scrutinizing books, hitting up a bookstore on a first date sets you on a speedy course to genuine romance.

    Where to go on a first dateBar — The simplest and least stressful date is meeting for drinks at a bar. Just meet up for a quick drink and good conversation.

    Where to go on a first dateIce Cream Shop —  For a casual and more relaxed date, then nothing can top an ice cream shop.  That is if you’re meeting during the daytime.

    Why do we not recommend dinner for first dates?  Dinner dates have a lot of disadvantages such as it’s too formal and expensive for meeting someone for the first time.  And, you cannot easily excuse yourself until the entire meal is over. It will be an awkward experience having to sit thru all that time pretending to like the other person, and carrying on a conversation you are no longer interested in pursuing.


    1. You’re meeting a stranger.  Try to meet in a well-lit public place and tell someone close who you’re meeting and where. Also, let them know what time you expect to be home.
    2. Look your best, groom yourself and smell nice.
    3. Plan your outfit way ahead of time.  Don’t wear anything you will not be comfortable in.
    4. Don’t show up late.
    5. Don’t use your mobile device during the date.
    6. The other person is just as nervous as you are, so try not to be too stressed about it.
    7. Tell your date one thing good you noticed about them.
    8. Don’t talk too much. Make good eye contact, be attentive, don’t interrupt what the other person is saying and show an enthusiasm for what is being said. Everybody has an interesting story to tell.
    9. When asking questions….
      • Bear in mind that you’re meeting this person to see if you have a connection. Don’t treat it like a job interview.
      • Be flexible.  Let the conversation flow freely.
      • Don’t come across as arrogant such as you have better accomplishments or you’re a hot date.
      • Ask questions that will help you determine whether or not you will both be a good match.
      • Stay positive during your conversation. Don’t be Ms. or Mr. Gloom And Doom.
    10. It’s the millennium, offer to split the tab unless he or she insists on paying.
    11. If you don’t see a future romantic relationship between you, don’t be vague and don’t give the other person hope when you know full well you’ll be ghosting them. You would not like it if you were on the receiving end.  Instead, be honest and diplomatic and say something like “I don’t think I will be seeing you again”.


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