HOME – This is the front page of the website.

ABOUT US – Tells you in very simple terms what our service is about.

CHAT ROOM SAFETY TIPS – Tips that can help you stay safe in our chat rooms.

CONTACT US – Have any questions or complaints about our website?  Send us an email.

HAPPENING GRAPH – This is what is happening this current week with your profile.  Find this just below your profile.

ONLINE DATING SAFETY TIPS – Tips that can help you stay safe and protect your identity.

PRIVACY POLICY – A document that details what personal information we collect from our users, how we use it, and how you keep it private.

PROFILE TRENDING – These are the profiles that are getting the most attention. You can filter these by Favorites, Friends, Winks Sent and Emails.

QUICK SEARCH – The quickest way to search through thousands of personals and photos.  You’ll find this widget on the Home page just below the Registration Form.

RATE PROFILE – This feature allows a member to rate another member’s profile.  Click on another member’s profile photo, scroll down to the bottom of the page and give your rating.

REPORT ABUSE – Details ways to report someone who you may have had an unpleasant experience with while on our website.

STEALTH MODE – Turning Stealth Mode ON will make your profile invisible to other users. Find this just below your Happening Graph.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Are rules by which one must agree to abide in order to use our service.

MEMBERS – This is the area that you are directed to when you first login. It’s where you can edit your profile, send & receive email, send & receive videos and audios, chat, Skype and other communication features.


HOME – This takes you back to your profile.

— Wink – Shows if you have received any “winks” from interested members.

— Friends – This feature allows you to compile a list of members you come upon during your search of member profiles.

— FavoritesThis feature allows you to compile a list of members you are interested in.

— Virtual Gift – Shows if you have received any gifts from interested members.

— Match Alert – Matches are sent to the email you registered with. If you don’t receive them, please check your spam folder.

— Alerts – Shows any friend requests sent to you by interested members.

— Comments (receive) – Shows any comments sent to you by other members.

EMAIL – This is where all the emails go when you receive email from other users.

EDIT PROFILE – This lets you edit your profile and your default photo on your profile.

MEDIA – This is where you Create Photo Album, Upload Photos, Add Audio and Add Video

CHAT – This is the One to One chat room. When a user is online you can send them a Chat request. The other user will receive a popup that ask them if they would like to chat. If they accept it then you’re put into a One on One Chat session.


— Advanced Search – Extend the search function by searching for specific things in a profile.

— Distance Search – Search for profiles from any number of miles

— Zip Code Search – Search for profiles from any number of miles from a given zip code.

— Save Searches – Save your searches by name so you can access them quickly.


— Account – Change your email address and your password here.

— Blocked – These are the profiles that you have blocked from contacting you.

— Privacy – This is where you set who can contact you. By default, everyone can contact you.

— Skype – If you want to use the Skype feature then you just add your Skype name and set who can contact you. Can be everyone or your friends. To set up a Skype account, please go to and click on Sign Up button. Then login to your MODJES account and add your Skype login info.

— Upgrade Account – Upgrade your account to premium membership to get your profile noticed more.


— Viewed Me – These are the profiles that have viewed your profile.

— I Viewed – These are all the profiles you have viewed.

— TrendingTrending profiles are profiles that are getting the most attention. You can filter these results as well.

— Interest Cloud – When you add Interests to your profile they become searchable via the Interest Cloud area.

— Date Tracker – Track the people that you go out with by using the Date Tracker. On a profile there is a icon for Date Tracker. Click it and then you can keep a diary of how it went with this user.

— Blogs – Write articles in the blog section that will appear on your profile.

— Meet Me – Browse through the member profile base and click the Yes or No button and an email will be sent to that user letting them know that you would like to meet them.

ONLINE – Shows the users that are currently online. You can filter the online results by gender.