Our dating site is totally free. Same with our apps. Registration is free.
Membership is free. Browsing is free. Communicating with other members is free. Enough said.


When we created MODJES, we knew that the internet was flooded with dating sites and apps that cater to quick hookups. Since a majority of singles, young and old, would choose a long-term relationship over casual dating, MODJES, the acronym for More Online Dating Just Extra Serious, focuses on long-term relationship-focused matching. As with other online dating sites and apps, MODJES offers free registration, free membership, free browsing, and similar communication features. With MODJES, our users have the ability to block users and countries, swipe photos to the left and right, send winks, favorite people, chat privately and chat in a group. But unlike others, we did not engage in creating fake profiles and purchasing dating profiles. MODJES gained its 12k+ users (and growing) solely through our website and mobile app sign-ups. Not all registrations are accepted. Registrants must satisfy registration requirements.

Since its launch in August 2017, the MODJES team (its Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and 3 developers) has been hard at work improving the website and apps. Our Android app was launched in October 2018 and our iOS in late December 2018. An updated version of the apps with a better design and added features will be released in March 2019.


We are currently only accepting private investments. Interested parties must be vetted and must also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to receive a copy of our business plan. Please contact us for more information.

ManilaConnection, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia