How To Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

Are you getting enough attention from your dating profile? Are messages piling up in your inbox? If your answer to both questions is NO,  you may want to revamp your profile.  Remember, it literally only takes mere seconds for someone to decide whether or not to contact you. Not only will a good dating profile attract other members to you, but it will also prompt others to message you first.  The two most important components of your profile are your profile photo and your About Me section.

Follow these tips on how to make your online dating profile stand out and you’ll be meeting plenty of people in no time at all.

1. Your Profile Photo

This is your main picture.  It’s the front door to your dating profile. Choose it wisely!

Use a  high quality headshot that is a recent  photo of YOURSELF that shows your face. Never upload a photo that makes you look like you just rolled out of bed.


Pick a picture that shows you engaging in your favorite indoor or outdoor hobbies. What you’re doing in the photos can influence how you’re perceived. It can be a great conversation starter too.


Smile!  There’s no such thing as an ugly smile.  It’s your way of saying “Hello. I’m nice, normal, warm, and friendly.  And, you want to talk to me.”

2. Things To Avoid When Choosing Your Profile Photo

1. Avoid sexually explicit photos and photos of children, objects, and animals by themselves. Big NO NO on our site. Just, no!

2. Avoid uploading group photos. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with pictures showing your sociable or familial side, but these are not ideal for a profile photo. Who wants to engage in a guessing game?  People are just not going to bother. This is a sure way to make your online dating profile stand out in a bad way. Stick to a solo photo.

3.  Avoid wearing sunglasses.  It’s not a good idea to wear sunglasses as it sends a message that you could be hiding something.

4. Avoid using photos that show you laying in bed or sofa or taking selfies in the bathroom. These type of photos make you look lazy/unmotivated. If you can’t present yourself in a good way online you must be awful in person, right?

5. Avoid using fake photos. Why even bother? What’s the point?  It’s not you!      

3. Your Dating Profile

Your dating profile must be interesting enough for other members to want to read it.  Make sure you make the ABOUT ME section of your profile honest, interesting and brief.

Remember to:

Tell your story.  Your profile should tell a short story that captures your personality. Pick a few traits that illustrate why you’re a good catch. Mention the things that you love to do.  What’s the one thing you’re most passionate about? What are you looking for in a partner?

Avoid using generic information.  Don’t start off your dating profile with generic bits of information like “Simple guy seeking an  emotionally mature gal.” This is an extremely generic headline. Instead, be specific to catch the attention of that specific someone who you’d like to meet, like “I am interested to meet a girl who loves to cook.

Be open and honest. A majority of members are looking for real relationships. They want to meet someone who could be their potential life partner.  So, don’t bother overstating your looks and accomplishments or understating your weight because when you meet in person, your date is going to realize that you’re lying. Being open and honest on your profile will help alleviate awkwardness on your first date.

Keep it positive. Nobody wants to read about a bad childhood, phobias or horrible past dates.  Negativity is not sexy.  Keep your profile positive to attract the attention of more members.

Keep it fun.  Don’t be afraid to express your funny side.  The vast majority are attracted to individuals who have a sense of humor.

4.  Keep Updating Your Profile

You may think that once you’ve created your profile, you’re finished. Wrong. It’s a good idea to keep updating  it.  Why?  If you’ve been on our site longer than you’ve expected that could only mean one thing.  Your profile is not attracting enough attention from other members. If that is the case, we highly suggest that you change your profile photo as often as you can, and make your About Me narrative more interesting. To update your profile, simply click on the EDIT PROFILE icon in the Members page of our site.

5. Your Dating Search

dating search

Make The First Move. Don’t wait for someone to contact you. Send an email, private chat message, Skype invite, wink or virtual gift.  Consider joining our group chat rooms to get more visibility.  The more members you meet, the sooner you get to accomplish that all-important goal of finding your potential life partner.


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